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We offer support to many organizations. They include:

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Our Social Service Family Packages is available to all families in need with our Voucher Program. We trying our best to make each package a blessing with our food rescue combined with, dairy, meats, fresh fruits, vegetables and drygoods.

Corporate Givings as local pantries needs are increasing.

Please Support your Local Food Bank donate on-line. 

Hours of Operation

We providing food for families and Social Service Organizations providing healthy food packages in support offering their clients  a healthier diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. We provide access to resources and referrals to other organizations that can be of benefit to members of the community.


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  • Social Services organizations
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation homes
  • Local Churches and Pantries
  • Veteran organizations
  • Youth Organizations and Events
  • Local Government agencies

The importance of community involvement and those who can share their blessing on providing a healthy diet for families less fortunate. A large number of children are affected by circumstances beyond a child control and never-less they are victims. God Provides Ministry Inc. - Pomona Valley Food Bank is about making healthy food available for needy families and offering social organizations the ability to offer food packages that will make a positive difference by providing a more rounded service.

Family Pack Program